Unlock the Full Potential in your
Accounting Firm

Are you an accountant seeking to…

1. Make a Bigger Difference with your Clients?

Enhance your impact and deepen your trusted relationship with your clients by coaching them to focus more on their goals and their strategies

2. Create a new Income Stream for your Firm?

Diversify your revenue streams and enhance your firm’s future financial results using our tailored coaching process with your clients

3. Keep your Team Engaged with more Interesting Roles?

Foster a dynamic work environment by introducing engaging coaching services that will energize and motivate your team.

Whether your goal is one, or all of the above, providing a simple systemised coaching service to your clients ticks all the boxes!

We’ve developed a comprehensive Toolkit, the simple logical Process to follow,
and the Ongoing Support

to make coaching your clients an easy yet high-value add-on to the compliance services you already deliver.

“Compliance is becoming more and more automatic. It is the added value that we offer through coaching that will set us apart”

Michael Carthy, Carthy Accountants UK

The Accountants Coaching Toolkit

We’ve developed a full package of guides, videos, checklists and the step by step process to follow based on our extensive experience
as both accountants and as business coaches to hundreds of accounting firms and other businesses across multiple industries

What’s included?

  • Step by Step Coaching Process
  • Videos and Guides for you and your team
  • How to select the right clients
  • How to have a coaching conversation with them
  • How to get them focused on what really matters
  • How to make coaching a simple repeatable process
  • How to get your team involved and much more!

Our Accountants Coaching Toolkit makes it easy

You DO NOT need to have coaching experience to take full advantage of these tools

We give you the step by step process, explanatory videos, guides and templates, the ongoing support,
and the confidence to make this a long-term sustainable & profitable new service 

We explain how to get your team members involved and we can train them and support them

so that it doesn’t all depend on you

Transform the future of your firm and reinvigorate your clients at the same time

Lock in a stronger relationship with your clients beyond the compliance-based services you already deliver
and unlock a new revenue stream for your firm

We show you how to get closer to your clients goals
understand their vision and their growth aspirations
uncover the handbrakes that hold them back
and help them commit to simple actionable strategies on a regular quarterly basis

This is coaching in its simplest and most effective form

For many business owners there is nobody providing this vital support to them. They’re essentially on their own. Contrast this with larger businesses with their senior management teams.

Experience the satisfaction

of more systematically & pro-actively helping your great clients

while building a bigger future for your accounting firm at the same time


“Compliance is becoming more and more automatic. It is the added value that we offer through
coaching that will set us apart”

Michael Carthy, Carthy Accountants UK

Accountants Coaching Toolkit

Receive our Step-by-Step Process and all the Videos, Guides and Checklists that you’ll need to deliver
a regular & highly-valued coaching service to your clients.

You choose which clients to offer it to.
Start with a small number of clients and build at your own pace…
the speed of implementation is up to you


  • Why SME owners need their accountant more than ever
  • Why accountants have avoided regular coaching conversations
  • Why Coaching is not about having all the answers for your clients
  • Preparing your firm to deliver coaching services
  • How to engage your team in the coaching process
  • Establishing a coaching framework
  • How does our process work
  • Full interview with Michael Carthy- Carthy Accountants
  • How to make coaching a simple repeatable process
  • How to change the conversation with your clients
  • How to get your team onboard
  • How to use targeted questions with clients

Guides and Checklists

  • Our 8 step Coaching Roadmap
  • How to Segment your clients
  • Our 10 point client Best-Fit checklist
  • How to price your coaching services
  • How to establish a coaching framework in your firm
  • Client meeting template/agenda
  • How to deliver simple high value coaching conversation with clients
  • Methodology for coaching your clients
  • Step by step implementation guide
  • The 4 business foundations to get your clients focused on
  • 40 targeted coaching questions to ask your clients, and how to ask them
  • How coaching your clients can help your succession plan
  • Our eBook “Breaking through the Barriers”

“Coaching conversations fail because of how they’ve been presented, not because the client isn’t interested in the benefits. This is an opportunity to deliver way beyond the numbers”.
Richard Brewin FCA

It doesn’t end with the Toolkit…

We provide Support and Training

for the first 12 months and beyond

to embed confidence, engagement and sustainability

“How To” training & motivational videos delivered to you each month

Monthly Group Training Webinars

Unlimited Q&A access to us via email

Your first month of support and training is FREE of charge

Cancel any time after the first 12 months

Additional training tailored specifically for you and your team can be provided by request.

Introductory Offer

Everything in the Toolkit plus 12 months Support and Training

UK- £249 up-front plus £49 per month
AUS- $479 up-front plus $95 per month

Plus applicable taxes

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with the Coaching Toolkit then simply email us within 7 days of purchase and we will refund you the full amount you’ve paid…no quibble!

Still not sure?

Drop us an email. We are here to help.

We’ll happily answer your questions, give you more information and fill in any gaps for you

We now confidently coach our clients, with the clear knowledge we are worth the fees that we charge

Michael Carthy MD Carthy Accountants, Leicestershire UK


Lindsay supported my business growth journey for more than half a decade. He was alongside me as a sounding board, a voice of reason, a devil’s advocate, a planning partner, and above all a highly trusted advisor

Dion Killiby, MD Western Project Services, NSW Australia

Who Are We?

Richard Brewin

Chartered Accountant

Leicestershire, UK

Lindsay King

Business Coach and former CPA Accountant

Sydney Australia

Business Coach and former CPA Accountant

Who Are We?

Richard Brewin

Leicestershire, UK

Chartered Accountant

Lindsay King

Business Coach and former CPA Accountant

Sydney Australia

The Accountants Coaching Toolkit has been developed by accountants, for accountants

Our goal is to help accountants who desire to achieve more…

 for themselves

for their team

 for their clients

Best of all you do not need coaching experience to implement this with your clients
All you need is a positive mindset, the tools and support, and
Most importantly .. the Process to follow
We provide all of this

Coaching support is the missing link for many owners

Coaching support is the missing link for many owners
Lets be honest…who do business owners have on their side when it comes to working
regularly on their goals and their strategies?
If they don’t have a senior team in their business
then who do they have to talk to, to support their vision, to give them a push, to be a sounding board, to help them uncover the bottlenecks in their business?
You as their accountant are in the perfect position to provide it
Your clients know you and they trust you

How did this come about?

This package of assistance is the result of a conversation that started over 10,000 miles apart between Richard Brewin, a chartered accountant in Leicestershire, UK and Lindsay King, a business coach and former CPA accountant based in Sydney, Australia

Richard works closely with accounting firms who service small business owners. Lindsay works directly supporting SME owners. Through a series of online chats during the covid lockdowns of 2020, we recognised that the frustrations that were impacting accountants and business clients alike, around the speed of digital change, the strategy challenges for business owners, and the lack of regular support experienced by many owners were remarkably similar, whichever perspective you were looking at them from: Australia or the UK, coach or accountant, professional advisor or business owner.

We decided to do something about it

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