How passionate an accountant are you?

Passion is a driving force in any business. Being truly passionate about what you do and why you do it creates an energy, belief and focus that lights up any enterprise and creates an environment in which dreams can be achieved.

Being passionate about what you do and, crucially, showing that passion can drive others along with you. The energy, clarity and power of belief that you have positively influences those around you to share your cause.

Accountants, of course, can be stereotyped as numbers-orientated people, more concerned about compliance and risk than changing lives, and yet that is what we can do, and what many of you are driven by, at least initially.

I meet many accountants who want to positively influence the lives of their clients, team and selves. Sometimes it gets squeezed out of them by the daily grind. Others start to doubt whether this is what those around them want or is it really just about meeting those deadlines.

I also get the impression that there is a conflict in the minds of some. By openly showing our passion, our determination and our emotions are we behaving in a manner that is somehow dissonant with being a professional accountant? are we supposed to tone it down?

In toning down our passion we dilute its power.

Is it daft for an accountant to be passionate?

  • We are problem solvers, helping clients address their headaches and fears
  • We help clients to improve their finances, generating more cash and profits
  • We enable clients to use their time more effectively
  • We help to bring clarity into clients’ thinking and strategies
  • We, of course, save clients tax
  • We support businesses new and old
  • We create career opportunities for young people
  • We support communities and networks, have a strong belief in collaboration
  • We adapt to change and support technological development
  • We strive to build values and standards

In other words, we work to have a positive influence on those we come into contact with.

What’s not to be passionate about?

I firmly believe that we can show our passion and emotions within a professional context. We can be calm and considered without being guarded and quiet. If our passion, emotions and honesty create a response in others then isn’t that what we are seeking to achieve?

Our passion and our honesty is what sets us apart, our unique edge.

Show your passion.

Richard Brewin

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