Our Vision

Empowering accountants to make a bigger difference
for their firm, for their clients, their teams and their communities,
by building closer and more impactful relationships with their clients

What does this mean?

1. Empowering accountants:

providing them with the tools, resources, and support to become a trusted coach to
their clients

2. Enabling their impact:

giving them the tools to make a meaningful impact on those around them

3. Enhancing their position:

helping them to build closer and more impactful relationships with their clients.
To go beyond traditional client-accountant interactions, to foster deeper,
more meaningful connections with clients

4. Supporting their team:

Acknowledging the importance of the team within their accounting firm and
providing them with the support to create a more pro-active client support

5. Growing their influence:

recognizing the role they can play in contributing to and supporting their local

In creating the Accountants Coaching Community,

our over-riding goal is to grow the financial success of every accounting firm,

by showing accountants how to introduce more regular, systematic and impactful conversations with their clients,
that provides a deeper level of support and delivers proven benefits
We envisage a community of pro-active accountants driving growth for their clients, for their teams and also for themselves.

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